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Sicily, the  sea
Sicily excursions

A stay in Sicily isn’t complete without a visit to the large and towering volcano of Etna.

The beauty of Etna is not limited to its spectacular eruptions nor the rivers of glowing lava that etch down it’s sloops: extending around the immense volcano is a unique zone rich is sounds, smells and colours that cannot be found anywhere else.
Guest can participate in Jeep excursions accompanied by Naturalist experts to visit the park of Etna. To further enrich a vacation in Sicily, one must visit the fascinating Gole dell’Alcantara, black geometric structures along the river that reach towards the sky. The Gole are reachable only when the river water is low and along a stretch of the river between 50 to 200 meters.
The Natural Park of Nebrodi holds an unforgettable, secret beauty, perfect for those that love to observe nature, and contains the most important and essential forested area present in Sicily with preciously uncontaminated natural panorama.

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